The Parity Commitee for the Building Services


The Parity Committee for the Building Services, Montreal Region, has been responsible for enforcing the Decree respecting building service employees for more than 30 years.

Do you own or manage a public building?

Then make sure the company that performs maintenance for your building is operating within the law!

You should be aware that the Decree defines the minimum working conditions that building service employers must offer their employees. These include wages, vacations, holidays, sick leaves, and the Group Retirement Plan (RRSP).

Contact the building service contractor that performs the work in your building to find out whether the company complies with the law.

If you receive a bid from a building service contractor at half the rate offered by other contractors, there’s a strong possibility that you are dealing with unfair competition. Since its foundation in 1976, the Parity Committee has continually endeavored to maintain healthy competition in the industry. By imposing minimum standards for all employees, the Decree aims to protect employers from this type of competition. This is why the Parity Committee continually fights against black market labor and illegal subcontracting.

Get informed. It’s clearly to your advantage!

  As of October 30, 2017 As of September 4, 2019
Hourly wage rates
Class A, Heavy Maintenance Work $18.07/hour $18.52/hour
Class B, Light Maintenance Work $17.60/hour $18.11/hour
Class C, High Rise Window Washing $18.65/hour $19.10/hour

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